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junio 4, 2012

One of which we could not stop talking in this blog, Art and Justice, is the sensational actor Robert Downey Jr.

    Again I repeat that talking about it, is not to repeat a biography of dealing many other websites, including Wilkipedia. There are many movies I’ve seen work to this great actor. Since Charles Chaplin to the popular Sherlock Holmes. Undoubtedly, they are all high note in the long line of successes in the career of this actor.

    Now, however, which brings as a relevant issue, it is life beyond the filming studio, the tabloids love to write and portray. Although, a bright and promising to scale the summit of this little fortress, was a tumultuous nightmare in bars and drugs that led to headlines for his disorder and scandals beyond measure.

   Robert Downey Jr, has managed to cope with strength and bravery, which had killed any. Even when he visited the courts of justice, none of that managed to put out the star that was destined to succeed in the canopies of the world’s seventh art. Even, was one of the candidates to replace Charlie Sheen, in the famous television series “Two and Half Men”, and that misfortune in the decision of the producer did not.

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